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Highlights from the blog, Developer Yells at Cloud:

End of an era


Microsoft is finally killing off the WebTV service. Wow. At one time, WebTV was the most common ISP for visitors to this site. What can I say? I was popular with the living room crowd. I suspected it was still around, as a legacy service for the existing WebTV and MSN TV hardware. I wonder […]

Postfix + vmailboxes + procmail


I needed to do some mailserver reconfiguring tonight and found this Howto to be very useful. Of course, I have a goofy directory structure for virtual mail that still made it a bit of a chore, but not too badly.

XPath Checker plugin


For my new job, one of the things I’ve had to ramp up on is XPath. Once you bend your head around the syntax, it can be pretty darn powerful. But it’s a chore to test a given XPath when you have to write it into your Selenium test, run it to get your dynamic […]

Latest announcements from the blog:

The blink tag is finally dead, killed off by Firefox 23


WHAT? Firefox 23 kills off the <blink> tag?.THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! But wait! <blink>, <marquee> and some other neat tricks are possible in CSS3. Take that, ya web snobs.

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